‘When Narendra Modi Abuses Me, I Feel Like Hugging Him,’ Says Rahul Gandhi

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| January 25 , 2019 , 16:58 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi during The Odisha Dialogue in Bhubaneshwar talked about various issues from his political agenda to his sister Priyanka’s political debut on Friday.

“I look at Mr. Modi and when he abuses me, I feel like giving him a hug,” Rahul Gandhi said adding, “He is upset with the Congress party. I understand that also but we are not angry with him…That’s our design. We don’t hate people.”

He added, “I appreciate the good points in my opponents. The discussion to include Priyanka was going on for years. She then said her children were young and she needed to take care of them. Now her children have reached an age that one has gone to university, another about to go.”

“Primary job of Priyanka is to strengthen the organization in UP. I would recommend Modi to read Gita and Swami Nisarga Dutta.”

He further said, Rahul Gandhi said, “The best thing that has happened to me is the abuse that I have got from the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). This is the biggest gift that they have given to me.”

He also said RSS is the mother of BJP. According to him, RSS believe it should be the only institution in this country and the idea is to penetrate into every Indian institution.

He added policies of liberalization created the middle class. Need a bigger amount of money into healthcare and education system.

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Targeting RTI he said, “Most money in the banking system in the hands of richest industrialists. Loan waiver for industrialists but not for common people. RTI was the biggest weapon for the middle class, but today RTI is dead.”

Rahul Gandhi also said that the education system of India is not job oriented. He further said, “NREGA was not a handout for poor. It was an attempt to revive the rural workforce. It created an economic structure in rural India. It helped a large number of manufacturers. It was a labor market correction. Modi is destroying NREGA.”