Violence Breaks Out In Meerut, 150 Shanties Burnt, Vehicles Damaged

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| March 7 , 2019 , 12:33 IST

The Meerut police recently resorted to a lathi-charge to control a violent mob after a mob tried to hinder a joint anti-encroachment drive led by the Cantonment Board and the police on Wednesday.

The Meerut police resorted to a lathi-charge and arrested 10 protesters. 

Over 150 shanties were burnt down and several vehicles damaged by mobs that went berserk after local authorities tried to remove encroachments in the city's Sadar Bazar area.

People from the Hindu and the Muslim communities blamed each other for starting the fire, escalating tension in the area.

Over two dozen cars and two-wheelers and eight or nine buses were damaged in the violence triggered by an attempt by the Cantonment Board and the police to remove encroachments in Bhusa Mandi.

The police said their men were also fired at from the rooftops, miscreants set some jhuggies on fire after they arrested four men.

The police said the situation was later brought under control. A magisterial inquiry has also been ordered.

The mob was protesting against the anti-encroachment drive. The drive is led by the Cantonment Board and the local police.

The mob resorted to violence and vandalism while protesting, which prompted the police to lathi-charge them. Along with setting local buses and private vehicles on fire, some of the protesters even fired shots at the police from rooftops.

According to the Indian Express' report, the mob set 10 private vehicles and eight UP Roadways buses ablaze during the protest.

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The police even alleged that the mob snatched a wireless set from a policeman along with a mobile phone from an official.

Due to the continuous protests, the traffic on the Delhi road was also diverted. To put the ensuing tension to rest, police and PAC personnel were deployed in the area.