Should Superbikes Be Banned In India? Father Of Accident Victim Says So

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 17 , 2017 , 09:44 IST

The father of 24-year-old Himanshu Bansal who was killed in a crash while racing along the roads of Delhi on his superbike has appealed for banning superbikes altogether saying that they are not made for Indian roads.

Suresh Bansal bought the Benelli TNT 600i superbike for his son barely eight months ago, and the 600 cc bike was capable of reaching speeds of nearly 200 km per hour within seconds.

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According to police, Himanshu was racing with friends at speeds of around 150 km per hour during traffic in the heart of Delhi when he tried to avoid hitting a pedestrian, lost control and crashed. Doctors at the hospital said that the youth did not stand a chance since the impact of the crash was too severe. The high speeds at which the bike was moving likely compounded his injuries.

"I would want the government to ban superbikes. They are not meant for our roads," Suresh said to media, adding that superbikes are more suited for developed countries where the road conditions are better and more regulated.

“The pavements are broken at so many places. The roads are dug up. Ideally, in a city like Delhi these bikes should not be allowed so that children cannot force their parents to purchase such bikes,” said Jitender Singh Shunty, former MLA and the deceased’s neighbour

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While relatives and others in the biking community said that the accident took place because the youth was trying to save a pedestrian, police officials rebuffed the statement.

"This is exactly a reason why there are speed limits," said one officer.

Himanshu and two of his friends were racing from central Delhi's Connaught Place towards Mandi House after attending a party on Monday evening. At the Mandi House station a man crossing the road likely took Himanshu by surprise and to avoid hitting the pedestrian he swerved the superbike, lost control and was thrown from the bike onto the sidewalk.