Dear Tourists, Please Don't Visit Shimla This Summer

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| May 29 , 2018 , 15:53 IST

One of the most famous tourist destinations in India, Shimla has run out of water. The tourist-friendly capital of Himachal Pradesh is facing acute shortage of water and the peak season of tourism is adding to its woes.

The water availability of the city has gone down to less than half. While the city needs 42-45 million litres of water every day, it used to get around 35-36 million litres on an average. This has now drastically reduced to approximately 22 million litres a day in the peak summer. The per capita water supply has gone down from 110 litres to merely 50 litres.

The crisis is now spreading to Shimla’s satellite towns like Sanjauli, Tara Devi etc.

Hotel Crystal Palace, located in the heart of Shimla says it is still providing water to its guests but cannot give round the clock water. “We are providing water to our guests twice a day i.e. in the morning and in the evening. We cannot provide water all day long.”

As per reports, most of the water channels in the city have dried up because of low snowfall in the winters, low rains during monsoon and extreme heat. The scorching heat in North India led to an influx of tourists in the city that has further worsened the situation.

While the city is facing a severe situation, Mayor Kusum Sadret is visiting China on an official tour. A scuffle broke out between policemen and CPI(M) activists who were protesting the lack of availability of water at the Deputy Mayors office. By midnight the city saw multiple protests outside the office of Municipal Corporation

Shimla residents have started a social media campaign urging tourists not to visit the city anytime soon.