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Senior Doctor Goes Missing In Mumbai Rains, Suspected Of Falling In Manhole

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| August 30 , 2017 , 12:10 IST

As rains lashed Mumbai, traffic came to a standstill with water-logging blocking several areas entirely, resulting in many people choosing to go on foot and brave the water logging themselves. One doctor who chose to go on foot has since then gone missing.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Deepak Amrapurkar, 59, was returning home from the Bombay Hospital on Tuesday when his car got stuck in traffic and he decided to cross the distance on foot.

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“He asked driver to take car home and decided to walk since he thought it will take less time. Our house is 10 minutes away from where he was,” Pallavi Godbole, his niece, said to media.

Dr. Deepak never reached home and has been missing since 6:45 PM on Tuesday. His umbrella was found near India Bulls in Lower Parel, giving rise to suspicions that the doctor may have fallen down a manhole.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), police and divers launched a search operation through Tuesday night to locate Dr. Deepak but were not able to find him.

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BMC officials in G South Ward said that the search for him is underway. “Frequent rain is slowing the process,” a civic official said.

Although the rains have reduced somewhat, the damage from the torrential downpour on Tuesday has hit the city hard.

Dr. Deepak Amrapurkar who also consults in Breach Candy hospital, spent Tuesday at the Bombay hospital treating patients before heading home in the evening.

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