#RevokeSRO202: J&K Youth Protest Against Unjustified Govt Job Policy

| April 2 , 2018 , 19:23 IST

The unemployed youth, students and scholars of Jammu University staged protests against the new SRO-202 job policy rolled out by the PDP-BJP government in the state on Monday and demanded the authorities to revoke the rule as it is not in their interest.

NSUI defined the policy drafted for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir as 'draconian' as a candidate appointed as probationer under the rule, they will be paid only Rs 7000 to 9000 per month for 5 years without any additional allowance.

Also, the youth will get a non-gazetted job until he is regularised and entitled to a full salary. Students are suggesting that the skyrocketing prices of commodities won't let the appointees under Sadr-e-Riyasat Ordinance (SRO)-202 survive with such low monthly salary.

While Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has assured about her government reviewing the SRO-202, state's youth are restless and are holding sporadic protests against the policy which is violating the common minimum wage rules and hurting the 'dignity' of educated youngsters.

For protesting against the policy, the well-educated youngsters of the state have taken the odd jobs of selling vegetables and put up stalls while carrying a tag of their academic degrees, others are seen holding begging bowls to showcase their protest.

National Students Union of India's state president Raqeeq Khan has described the policy as "highly exploitative and discriminatory" stating that no one can lead a dignified life with such salary. "Educated youth have no other option except begging," he said.