Dignitaries Pay Tribute To Late PM Rajiv Gandhi On His 73rd Birth Anniversary

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| August 20 , 2017 , 16:03 IST

Sixth and the last Gandhi Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi is remembered for his charismatic personality and indelible contribution to Indian Economy.

He was born on August 20, 1944 to former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi and Politician-Journalist, Feroze Gandhi.His birthday anniversary is also called Sadbhawana Diwas, celebrated to commemorate the values, attitudes and ideals of the late Prime Minister.

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Many dignitaries remembered the late Prime Minister on Sadbhawana Diwas. PM Narendra Modi paid tribute to Rajiv Gandhi through a tweet captioned, "On his birth anniversary, we remember former PM Shri Rajiv Gandhi & recall his contribution to the nation".

The entire Gandhi family including INC President, Sonia Gandhi, Vice-President, Rahul Gnadhi and Priyanka Vadra visited the late Gandhi's resting place. Other dignitaries including former President, Pranab Mukherjee, former Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit were also present at the ceremony.

Rajiv Gandhi was a professional pilot for the state-owned, Indian Airlines. He was always reluctant to enter politics despite his family's evident political background but his brother, Sanjay Gandhi's sudden death in an aeroplane crash forced him to join his mother, Indira Gandhi.

Post Indira Gandhi's assassination in 1984, Rajiv was appointed the Prime Minister making him the youngest Prime Minister of India at the age of 40.

During his 5 year tenure from 1984-1989 as Prime Minister, he was criticized for his under-performance by many but only a few recognised his decisions that led to telecommunications or panchayati raj reforms.

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The first step towards the economic revolution in 1991 was taken by his government leading to emergence of internet, colour TV and imported automobiles in the country. Rajiv Gandhi brought the IT revolution and mobile telephony in India along with bringing the Left and Right parties together.

The former Prime Minister was assassinated in a suicide bombing attack near Madras, in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991. He was later cremated in Veer Bhoomi.