Rahul Gandhi Urges PM Modi To Act On Ukraine Bribery Claims Against Min Of Def India 'MODI' Officials

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| May 31 , 2018 , 14:27 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 'Ministry Of Defence, India (MODI) officials' over accusations by the Ukrainian government regarding alleged kickbacks to Defence Ministry officials in the AN32 deal.

Ukraine is currently investigating alleged kickbacks in the range of $2.6 million (Rs 17.55 crore) in India's purchase of spares for the military transport aircraft AN-32 from it. The Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Bureau suspects the involvement of Indian Defence Ministry officials in the kickback.

Rahul Gandhi, in his tweet, urged PM Modi to take immediate action against corrupt Ministry of Defence officials.

"Ministry Of Defence, India (MODI) officials, accused of making millions of $'s in kickbacks via Dubai by Ukrainian Govt. in AN32 deal. Modi ji, as our self proclaimed chokidar, I urge you to take immediate action against your corrupt MODI officials," tweeted the Congress President.

According to reports, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NAB) on February 13 this year sent a “request for international legal assistance” to the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Indian envoy in Kiev. In the request, Ukraine sought identification of the Defence Ministry officials who participated in the negotiations, development, signing and implementation of the contract.

The suspicions of Ukraine's NAB arose after they noted that 11 months after Ukrainian state-run Spetstechnoexport signed the agreement with Ministry of Defence (Air Force Headquarters) in 2014 for the supply of spares, Spetstechnoexport signed another pact with a lesser known firm for the implementation.

“Despite the fact that the Ukraine alleges 17.5-cr kickbacks to MoD officials, asks India for help terms of the agreement had not been actually fulfilled, the parties signed statements of completion whereupon Spetstechnoexport transferred $2.6 million of budget funds to the account of Global Marketing opened in the UAE,” wrote the Chief Unit of Detectives of the NAB.