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Rahul Gandhi Says, India's Farmers Aren't Asking For Gifts, They Are Asking Only Their Dues

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| November 30 , 2018 , 18:19 IST

Rahul Gandhi came in support of the farmers at Jantar Mantar, who were marching from Ramlila Maidan to parliament street demanding debt relief, remunerative prices for their produce and a special session of Parliament to address agrarian issues.

Speaking to media Rahul Gandhi said, "You pay money for insurance, it goes into the pockets of Anil Ambani. They have divided India between Ambani and Adani."

The Indian farmers don't want Anil Ambani's private jet. But if you can give Ambani's crores of rupees, then you can waive off farmers loans. India's farmers aren't asking for gifts. They are asking only their due," Rahul Gandhi said attacking Modi and BJP.

He added, "There are two issues facing this country today -unemployment and the farm crisis. In the last four years, the Modi govt has waived debt with Rs 3.5 lakh crore of 15 businessmen. If that can be done, it is also possible to waive the loan of our farmers. The farmers are demanding their rights, they aren't seeking any favours."

Congress president said that they will ensure that farmers and youth of the country get justice even if it means changing laws or the prime minister.

"We will stand with the farmers of our country, We are ready to do whatever you want, even if that involves changing the law," said Rahul Gandhi.

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Congress leader repeated his Rafale attack at the government, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi only speak for the industrialists. He said a government that disrespected the youth and farmers will be removed by the country.

"Modi ji had promised MSP will be increased, PM promised bonus, but look at the situation right now, empty speeches are being given and nothing else," Rahul said.


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