Rahul Gandhi Promises ‘Minimum Income Guarantee’ For Every Poor Person If Congress Wins 2019 LS Polls

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| January 28 , 2019 , 18:39 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday announced that his party would ensure minimum income guarantee for every poor in the country if it returns to power after the Lok Sabha polls due in April-May.

Gandhi made the statement at the 'Kisaan Abhaar Sammelan' held at Raipur to express gratitude to Chhattisgarh's people, particularly farmers, for voting the party to power in the state after a gap of 15 years.

He said, “The Congress has decided to take a historic decision. The Congress-led government is going to give a minimum income guarantee. This means each poor person in India will have a minimum income. This means there will be no hungry, poor people in India.”

He also accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP of trying to create two Indias, “one of the Rafale scam, Anil Ambani, Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi and the other of the poor farmers”.

Rahul Gandhi took to his Twitter account and reaffirmed, “We cannot build a new India while millions of our brothers & sisters suffer the scourge of poverty. If voted to power in 2019, the Congress is committed to a Minimum Income Guarantee for every poor person, to help eradicate poverty & hunger. This is our vision & our promise.”

Interestingly, in the first sentence of his tweet, Rahul Gandhi mirrored PM Narendra Modi and spoke about building a "new India".

Minimum income for the poor is a derivation of the concept of universal basic income, under which a citizen of a country gets a guaranteed monthly stipend, regardless of her social, economic or educational standing.