Rafale: Rahul Gandhi Says Instead Of Abusing, FM Arun Jaitley Should Answer His Questions

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| January 4 , 2019 , 14:41 IST

As Lok Sabha resumed the debate on the Rafale fighter jet deal on Friday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that Finance Minister should answer his 5 Qs instead of abusing him.

"Instead of abusing me, FM Arun Jaitley should answer questions on Rafale raised by us," he said. He said that Congress and the entire opposition wants defence minister to answer questions on Rafale, "tell us if objections on a new deal were raised on file."

He even said there will be a criminal investigation on Rafale and accused will be punished if Congress came to power.

Gandhi further said he would like Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to respond to the five questions that he flagged for the government on the basis of this new information from a government file.

“She should say that there are no such files, we want that statement. And if there were objections, we want to know on what basis did they overrule these objections... I doubt if she would not be able to answer these questions. These questions are important,” he said.

The Congress said it was in possession of government documents that indicated questions had been raised about the deal within the government on the deal. These objections, Gandhi alleged, were overruled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“If there were objections in the defence ministry, we want to know on what basis did the Prime Minister overrule them,” said Gandhi.

He also demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi be investigated for corruption and for weakening national security by giving the Rafale contract to "his friend".

Gandhi and his party claimed that they now had access to government documents that have file notings by an official that the maintenance terms for the fighter jets for the 36 Rafale jets were not better than that of 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft, or MMRCA, that were being bought by the previous UPA government.

Rahul Gandhi postponed his tour timings for Amethi on Friday due to the ongoing Rafale discussion in the Parliament.

Mr Gandhi, who was scheduled to address a programme in Amethi around 4.30 pm today, will now leave for Amethi after the Parliament session and reach Fursatganj in the evening.