Rafale In Lok Sabha: Arun Jaitley Accuses Rahul Gandhi, Calls Every Word Of His 'A Lie'

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| January 2 , 2019 , 17:54 IST

Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday hit back hard at Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi and accused him of being a liar and going against Supreme court order.

He said, "The country is disappointed because every word the Congress lead speaker (Rahul Gandhi) has said is a lie on the word of the Supreme Court. When the apex court speaks on every issue, it is treated as the last word, except for the jurisdiction on certain issues in the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi here says each of the contentions was raised before the court. There are some people who have a natural dislike for truth, from the first to the last word, every word is spoken (by Gandhi) is a lie."

Mounting a strong retort to Rahul Gandhi's claims, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the Congress chief's allegations have been thrown out by the Supreme Court. "Some people naturally dislike the truth. The French government dismissed the Congress' allegations," Jaitley said. He also said the 'Rafale tape' was 'manufactured' by the Congress.

Continuing his speech, Arun Jaitley said that Rahul Gandhi had no knowledge of combat jets. Jaitley pointed out that earlier too Rahul manufactured a conversation between him and the former French President. "Today, he repeats the same. Today, he tried to produce a tape but he is too scared to authenticate it."

He went on to launch a personal attack on Rahul Gandhi and his family. Some people and families understand money but they do not understand issues related to the country’s security.

Taking a cue from Rahul Gandhi, who had used abbreviation AA for Anil Ambani, Arun Jaitley mentioned controversial Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi’s name linked to the Bofors deal. When he [Rahul Gandhi] was playing in the lap of one Q, the Congress sought to protect Q at all costs. A bank account in favour of Q was also discovered.

On Congress' demands for the constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the deal, Jaitley said the JPC had whitewashed Bofors deal. "When the Supreme Court has gone through pricing and other details, how can there be JPC? This is no policy matter, or govt or administrative matter."