Priyanka Says ‘Chowkidars Are For The Rich Not For Farmers’ After PM Modi ‘#Mainbhichowkidar’ Campaign

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 2
| March 18 , 2019 , 20:15 IST

The very first boat rally of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to Varanasi touted to be one of the most ideal strategies used by Congress in Lok Sabha 2019 elections. During the rally, Priyanka Gandhi addressed the locals and stated "Chowkidars are for the rich, not farmers," in the context of “#MainBhiChowkidar” Campaign after which most of the BJP leaders changed their official name on twitter to "Chowkidar" or watchman.

During the three-day boat campaign, the Congress leader will travel from Prayagraj to Varanasi while making stops at various places in between. "Yesterday I met with a group of farmers... The potato farmers of western UP. One of the farmers told me, chowkidars are for the rich. We farmers are our own chowkidars," Priyanka Gandhi remarked.

During the rally Gandhi also stated:

Youth have no jobs. Women feel unsafe. Low wages for aanganwaadis. People are upset all around. You aren't head. You voice is muzzled whenever you raise it. You make netas take the podium and sit on the floor yourselves, change this habit. Nation doesn't belong to one person, that you have to beg for your rights. The weak need to be helped. You were promised 2 crore jobs, what happened?

Did PM pay a visit? But he has toured the entire globe. This election is about you. 4-5 people are ruling the nation, they have all control over administration, they think they are 'know-it-all(s)', that the public lacks sense. They want to destroy institutions. No nation can function like this.