'PM Modi Performed Bypass Surgery In Rafale Deal, Purchase Delayed To Benefit Anil Ambani': Rahul Gandhi

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| March 7 , 2019 , 14:59 IST

Congress President Rahul Gandhi lashed out on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded that the papers stolen from the authority should be investigated in the NDA government's deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets.

Speaking to media the Congress chief said, "I am not alleging anything anymore... government documents are saying it for themselves," he said, referring to documents which the government told the Supreme Court yesterday, were stolen.

The government's admission proved that the papers were "real", the Congress chief told in the press conference this morning.

"The files clearly name the Prime Minister and state the PMO's role in the Rafale deal. They have accepted that these papers were stolen, thereby confirming that these are authentic... so where is the doubt. This is proof," Rahul Gandhi added.

PM Modi, he said, "performed bypass surgery" in the Rafale deal. The purchase was delayed to benefit Anil Ambani," said the Congress leader.

"It is now the court's job and the government's job to ensure that justice is done... You can charge anything you want on anyone, but also press charges on the Prime Minister," he added.

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During the press conference, Rahul also dismissed accusations of his party being called "pro-Pakistan" by certain sections. "PM invited ISI to pathanot, he is one who attended wedding in Pakistan, he is the one who invited Nawaz sharif to India and we are the poster boys. He is the poster boy of Pakistan," Rahul said. On the question of pre-poll alliance, the Congress president said that the overall alliances are on track. However, in Delhi, the party unit has unanimously said no to an alliance (with Aam Aadmi Party).

"Clear cut the file is mentioning the PM, it says, the PMO is carrying out parallel negotiations," he added

The BJP said it was "unfounded, absolutely shameful allegations on the Prime Minister". Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Rahul Gandhi "will only listen when Pakistan certifies the Rafale deal. He believes in Pakistan more than in India's forces."

The Congress has alleged that the government accepted an overpriced deal in 2016 and overlooked public sector aviation firm Hindustan Aeronautics Limited so that industrialist Anil Ambani's rookie firm Reliance Defence could bag an offset contract. The government, Dassault and Anil Ambani have denied the allegations.