PM Modi During 50th Episode Of 'Mann Ki Baat' Says, The Show Is About People, Not Politics

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| November 26 , 2018 , 11:06 IST

The 50th episode of Mann Ki Baat was aired on October 25. The show was started on October 3 2014, and on Sunday it had marked the golden jubilee episode.

PM Modi has addressed several important issues including education of the girl child, tackling exam stress, curbing pollution and drug menace in the previous episodes.

This time PM said that he will not talk about the government or politics or about his policies.

Narendra Modi on the idea of 'Mann Ki Baat'

PM Modi shared how this idea of Mann ki Baat came to his mind. He said, "In 1998, I was working in Himachal Pradesh as a worker of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It was May and I was going to travel to another location in the evening. It was a cold evening in the hills of Himachal, and I stopped for tea on a dhaba (small eatery) on the way. There was only one person managing the stall and selling tea,”

He asked 'what is the occasion?' and the man offering him laddoo told him about the first atomic test India has conducted that day.

"I was surprised that in a secluded terrain of this forest, between the icy hills, someone doing his daily job listens to the radio which creates so much impact on his mind," the PM said.

"Since then, there was a point in my mind that radio is linked to the masses and has a lot of power," he added.

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'Mann Ki Baat' is about people, not politics: PM Modi

"When Mann Ki Baat began, I decided that politics will not be a part of it. It'll neither have the praises of the government nor my name. I got the inspiration and strength to stay true to my resolution from all of you," PM Modi says in his radio address.

"Mann Ki Baat is about people, not politics," he added.

"Modi will come and go, but this country will remain eternal, our culture will remain immortal", PM Modi on Mann Ki Baat.

"I thank the media for playing Mann Ki Baat on their channels on a regular basis. No political person is ever happy with the media, they think they don't get enough coverage or get negative coverage, however, the media has made the issues raised in programme their own," the Prime Minister added.

Modi on youth

He also talked about Indian youth and said they are very ambitious "It's good, dream big and achieve great success -- this is the New India. People say the young generation wants to do so many things at the same time. I say what's wrong in that? They are good at multitasking, so they do that."