Passports Of 45 Non Resident Indians Cancelled, For Abandoning Their Wives: Maneka Gandhi

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| March 4 , 2019 , 16:24 IST

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Monday revealed that the government has cancelled passports of 45 non-resident Indians, or NRIs, for abandoning their wives.

The Integrated Nodal Agency made to look into the matter has been issuing look-out circulars to absconding husbands in cases of NRI marriages and 45 passports have been impounded by the external affairs ministry, Gandhi said.

The agency is chaired by the secretary in the women and child development ministry, Rakesh Srivastava. The Women and Child development minister told that the government has also introduced in Rajya Sabha a bill to give justice to the women who have been abandoned by their NRI husbands, but expressed dismay that the bill has got stalled in the upper house.

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The bill envisages registration of marriages by non-resident Indians, amendment of the Passports Act, 1967 and amendment to the code of criminal procedure, 1973. The bill is a joint initiative of the external affairs ministry, ministry of women and child development, the ministry of home affairs and ministry of law and justice.

Earlier defining the Women and Child Development Ministry and making it more than just a "post office ministry" was the biggest challenge after coming to power, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has said.

Speaking on the challenges faced by her in dealing with women and child issues in the past five years, Gandhi said when she took office, the job of her ministry was only handing out salaries to Anganwadi workers. "The major challenge right at the beginning was defining the ministry. The ministry was undefined even though it has been there for 10 years. It was a post office ministry simply handing out salaries to Anganwadis who are on strike from morning to night."

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OROP (One Rank One Pay) is possible in India but it is difficult to change the view of people of eachState because they speak different languages, eat different foods, wear different dress and practice different philosophy etc. It is said God created four types in everything he produced ( Human beings, animals, flora and fauna etc)based on the quality and utility. It is also true God has migrated to somewhere unknown to be found out.


@Rafaram Rao. If these so-called NRIs have taken citizenship of other countries then India cannot do anything. These guys can always claim that they were not married and Indian law does not apply to foreigners living in a foreign country. Most of these marriages are not registered. Only people who have Indian passports will get their passports canceled and they will return. Keep in mind that most of these women married these guys because they thought of moving outside India and have a great life. Now, their husbands come back and there is no job. I like to know which husband would want to live with their wife when the wife ruined their career? At least India was getting a foreign exchange because these NRIs were sending money home to their parents, etc. Furthermore, no single NRI would want an Indian wife now. They will be treated like a criminal after they get married. The whole marriage process becomes bureaucratic.


It is commendable, that, the Government has finally taken some action, in respect of NRI'S who have abandoned wives back home. However, this begs the following question. What is there, to prevent them from obtaining citizenship of the country that they reside in, provided all requirements are met? Further as, we all know a number of countries offer citizenship/nationality of their country for a price. How does the government which particular political/persuasion they might be, enforce this in this case?


The Integrated Nodal Agency made to look into the matter has been issuing look-out circulars to absconding husbands in cases of NRI marriages and 45 passports have been impounded by the external affairs ministry, Gandhi said. To play the amazing game run 3, player have to run and jump to pass different levels of obstacles. People remember this game as a game everyone play at school. Good luck and have fun guys!


This really is a foolish bill. How are you helping women by canceling passports? Their husbands are going to come back angry and divorce these women. Then what? There is no way to enforce alimony rules in a foreign country. So, basically, you want to increase Indian unemployment. You want these guys leaving their jobs from a foreign country, come back to India and just sit there? It would be better to make it easy for women to divorce their husbands so that they can move on. The current bill spreads the misery and achieves nothing.