Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0: From Importance Of Mental Health To Parents Expectations PM Modi Sheds Light On Imp Topics

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| January 29 , 2019 , 14:02 IST

A week before board exams Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his second “Pariksha Pe Charcha” in which he will interact with 2,000 students from high school to college, along with their parents and teachers on Tuesday.

PM asked students to listen to their parents with attention and asked parents not to put pressure of their expectations on children. "If you wanted to become a doctor and became a clerk, do not expect your child to fulfill your dreams. Listen to your child's caliber, their dreams.”

PM Modi paid attention on a lot of topics from the importance of Mental Health to parent, teacher and a child relationship.

He said a person does not always get depressed all of a sudden. There are signs that show a person is heading into depression. Ignoring these signs is not a good idea. On the contrary, we must talk about this.

This was the first time, students from all over India and abroad attended the programme. Students from  Russia, Nigeria, Iran, Nepal, Doha, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore participated.

He said that children need to understand the cause behind the parental stress.And urged parents to not make their childs report card their visiting card.

Parents, teachers and students asked various questions from PM.

"PUBG wala hai kya?" PM Modi asked, when a mother said that his son was avoiding studies and addicted to online games. The PM's response drew loud cheers from the audience.

He said, "Technology is good but its use is in our hands. Parents should discuss technology as part of dinner table conversation. We are converging due to technology and are becoming narrow-minded. This should be used for our expansion instead."

A biology teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kolkata asked PM on what to tell parents who treat exam as the foundation of a life of their children. A student from Kerala, aspirant of UPSC asked how to deal with the pressure of expectations.  A student asks how does PM deal with the pressure of the nation's expectations?

The burden of the exam will be lessened and focus will increase if we do away with if not now then never attitude. Life is beyond exams, said Modi. Life does not stop if you score any lesser in an exam, he added.

He said expectations are important. They should act as motivation and not a burden."I want 1.25 crore people should have 1.25 crore aspirations.”

Major announcements were made by the Ministry of HRD throughout the year informed to students. Among major announcements, was the move of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to introduce two levels of maths exam for class 10 from 2020 onwards.

 In addition to the existing level, an easier mathematics syllabus will be introduced under level-2. According to an official circular by the CBSE, the current mathematics subject will be called Mathematics-Standard and the easier level will be called Mathematics-Basic.

PM Modi had held his first such interaction with the students in February last year. He had also released his book Exam Warriors -- a guide to help students battle the exam anxiety.