'Opposition Want To Remove Me, I Want To Remove Corruption': PM Narendra Modi

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| March 5 , 2019 , 15:33 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his two-day visit to Gujarat heavily lashed out at the opposition.

Slamming the opposition again on Tuesday Modi said, “The opposition wants to get rid of me. They want to remove Modi, I want to remove corruption. They want to strike Modi, I want to strike terrorism.”

He said the opposition is restless because he has got rid of the “middleman culture”. “They (the opposition) are shouting because their shop has shut. So now they are screaming ‘Modi hatao, Modi hatao’ get rid of me. But This chowkidaar stands strong in his resolve.”

He had targeted the opposition on Monday too during his rally in Gujarat’s Jamnagar. He had said that "the Rafale fighters would have given greater firepower to the IAF during the aerial with Pakistan a day after the strike at the Jaish camp."

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Taking a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi on Tuesday said, "only those oblivious to sleeping hungry at night can think that poverty is a state of mind."

He further said "for some people, poverty is just an “opportunity to click photos”. Rahul Gandhi, in a rally in 2013, “poverty is just a state of mind” which was criticised by his opponents."

PM Modi also inaugurated Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Pension Yojana (PM-SYM Scheme 2019) for unorganised workers, in Ahmedabad.

“This (pension) scheme is aimed at the uplift of the section of society which has been ignored and left at the mercy of God. They (Congress) gave slogans of garibi hatao (end poverty). They ruled the country for 55 years and collected votes in the name of poor,” Modi added.