'Once Rafales Come, Pakistan Won't Come Near LoC Or Border', IAF Chief Dhanoa

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| March 25 , 2019 , 16:50 IST

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa said Monday that once the Rafale is inducted into the Indian Air Force, Pakistan "will not come anywhere near the LoC".

In an exclusive talk with ANI on Rafale's air-to-air capability in a combat situation, Dhanoa said, "When the Rafale comes in, it will ensure that the deterrence of our air defense will increase manifold and they (Pakistan) will not come anywhere near our Line of Control or border. That kind of capability we will possess for which presently they (Pakistan) don't have an answer."

Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa asserted that at present, it is going to be the best aircraft in terms of the weapons capability in the Indian sub-continent and would be also the best in comparison with what China and Pakistan have.

"We are going to get Rafale in the month of September. Rafale will give a tremendous jump to our capability and it is superior to all the aircraft in the inventory of both our adversaries," he added.

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The previous UPA government had signed a deal with Dassault Aviation — the maker of the Rafale — to buy 126 of the planes. Then, in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra announced a new government-to-government deal to purchase 36 of the planes.