Officer Claims He Is Incarnation Of Lord Kalki To Explain Absence From Office

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| May 19 , 2018 , 12:51 IST

In what may be termed as the most bizarre excuse to skip office ever, a state Government officer in Gujarat has responded to a show-cause notice stating that he is the incarnation of Lord Kalki and because he remains in the fifth dimension, it makes it difficult for him to come to the office.

Rameshchandra Fefar hails from Rajkot and is employed as a Superintendent Engineer with the Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency in Vadodara. As per ANI Fefar has reported to the office just 16 days in the last eight months.

On his Facebook profile, Fefar has shared documents and posts to give out details on Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Speaking to journalists outside his house Fefar said, “I realised that I am Kalki Avatar when I was in my office in March 2010. Since then, I am having divine powers,” Mr. Fefar said, speaking to media at his Rajkot house on Friday.”

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In his reply to the show-cause notice, Fefar argued that he was busy doing penance in his home by entering in the fifth dimension. He also questioned the showcase asking his employers if they would prefer him to sit and pass time in the office or save the nation from drought. Fefar claims that India got good rains because of his act of penance.