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As Movement Increases In Doklam, Indian Army Orders Evacuation In Nearby Villages

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| August 10 , 2017 , 15:46 IST

As the India-China border standoff in the Doklam area continues for its second month with an enraged China increasing its troops in the conflicted area, the Indian army has reportedly asked the nearby villagers to vacate the area in views of a possible conflict with Chinese troops.

According to reports, the Indian Army has asked villagers living in the nearby villages of the conflicted area to immediately vacate their houses and take shelter somewhere away from the impact area.

There is a village named Nathang, a mere 35 km from the conflicted Doklam area, where troops were sent to ask the people to vacate the premises, however, it's still unclear whether the village is being vacated to accommodate the troops stationed in the Doklam area.

According to an earlier report, the troops in the 33 Corp were asked to move towards Doklam from Sukna. The Indian Army has also advanced its schedule for an Op alert (Operation Alert) for the unit in anticipation of a nearing conflict.

Operation alert is an annual training programme, according to which the troops move in the operating area to familiarise themselves with the area for a time period of 14 days.

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This move by the Indian army is seen as a precautionary measure by the Indian army to avoid civilian casualties in case of a clash.

The Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in a standoff on the Doklam tri-junction between India-Bhutan-China for two months. The stand-off sparked after the Indian troops disrupted the construction of a Chinese road in the disputed land. While China claims Doklam belongs to it, India is supporting Bhutan's claim on the land.

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