Bengaluru Shocker! Mother Throws 7-Year-Old Daughter Off Roof Twice To Kill Her

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 29 , 2017 , 13:07 IST

Slow to talk and not being sent to school, Shreya also known as Aishika Sarkar, was thrown to the ground by her mother Swathi Sarkar from the terrace of the four-storied residential building in South Bengaluru where the two lived.

The child survived the fall to the ground but was hurt and bleeding when her mother Swathi took Shreya back up to the terrace to throw the girl to the ground for a second time, killing her on Sunday afternoon.

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As Swathi attempted to escape from the residential building which was located near the Sri Rama Temple at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar, South Bengaluru, an irate mob caught her and tied her to an electric pole nearby before calling the police.

"Swathi allegedly took her daughter to the terrace and threw her to the ground. She hurriedly rushed down, picked up the girl lying on the ground, and rushed up to the terrace. Some residents of the building noticed Swathi carrying the bleeding child and asked the woman what had happened," a police officer said.

"Swathi shouted at them to mind their own business and reached the terrace, from where she allegedly again threw the girl down, neighbours told police. The child was in shorts at the time. The public noticed that the woman was in a hurry to flee the scene. They caught her and tied her to an electric pole nearby, and informed us. We took her into custody for interrogation," the officer added.

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The mother Swathi who is a former schoolteacher is suspected of being mentally unstable. Shreya had reportedly suffered from speech development issues and had recently started speaking incoherently. Swathi's estranged husband, Kanchan Sarkar, a senior business analyst working with a multinational company said to the police that she would often fly into a rage and assault the child.

Kanchan moved out when the couple developed differences and would only visit once a month to pay maintenance to Swathi.