2 More Killed From Nipah Virus In Kerala's Kozhikode, Toll Reaches 15

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| May 31 , 2018 , 10:37 IST

The Nipah virus claimed another 2 lives in Kerala's Kozhikode on Wednesday, taking the total death toll to 15, health officials said. From the two victims, 55-year-old P Madhusoodan, a senior clerk at the district court, died at a private hospital, while 28-year-old Akhil died at the medical college hospital.

The condition of the 2 other confirmed Nipah patients at the medical college hospital remains unchanged.

According to a senior health services official, the death of Karassery resident Akhil took place hours after he tested positive for the Nipah virus. Akhil's test result sparked fresh concerns since he was not from any of the areas were Nipah was earlier reported and nor was he on the contact list prepared by the Health Department.

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Director of health services Dr R L Saritha while briefing the media said that Akhil had been admitted to the Medical College Hospital on Tuesday but since he was 'disoriented' they were not able to get a detailed history of him. The death of Akhil, who was not on the list of contacts or from affected areas has prompted the health department to widen the 'list of contacts.'

"There are 1,353 people in the expanded list and we are closely monitoring the conditions of each person in the list," Dr Saritha said.

So far, 9 people have been hospitalised with suspected Nipah symptoms.

Although the exact source of the Nipah virus has not been identified, it is transferred through contact with pigs, bats and humans that are infected.

Symptoms of the Nipah virus are similar to those of viral fever, including headache, fever, vomiting and dizziness as well as possible disorientation, mental confusion, coma and possibly death. In the Malaysia outbreak, up to 50 percent of the confirmed human cases resulted in death.

There is no specific treatment for Nipah virus with only intensive supportive care available.