In 4 Years Modi Has Reversed The Success Of UPA Govt: Former PM Manmohan Singh In Bengaluru

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| May 7 , 2018 , 13:41 IST

Veteran Congress leader and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been infamous for being a man of few words, however, he has developed a new eloquence to combat the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government.

Addressing a press conference from poll-bound Karnataka's Bengaluru, Singh once again reiterated the fallouts of the BJP-led NDA, which has been on a winning streak in state elections across the nation.

"Friends, our nation today is experiencing difficult times. Our farmers are facing an acute crisis, our aspirational youth are not finding opportunities, and the economy is growing below its potential. The unfortunate truth is that each of these crises was entirely avoidable," said Singh.

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"It pains me to see how rather than standing up to all these challenges, the government’s response has been to stifle dissent when deficiencies are pointed out. Innovation needs support, and an environment where ideas can be discussed and debated without apprehension or inhibitions," he said

"The ‘intentions’ of the Modi government, while claimed to be good, have resulted in massive losses for our country. Its lack of reasoning and analysis is costing India and our collective future," said Singh.

"Two major avoidable blunders of the Modi government have been demonetisation and hasty implementation of GST. The losses the economy suffered due to these blunders have severely hurt our Micro Small and Medium Enterprise sector and have resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs," he said.  

"The economic mismanagement of the Modi government, and I say this with great care and responsibility, is slowly eroding the trust of the general public in the banking sector. Recent events which resulted in shortage of cash in many states were preventable. But the government is not doing its job. Instead of taking prompt corrective action, the government has been busy providing excuses and peddling conspiracy theories as to what led to the problem," said the former PM.

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"In only four years, PM Modi has reversed the successes of the UPA government, in process hurting our farmers. The aim of the present government to double farmers’ incomes by 2022 comes across as wishful thinking," he said.

"When asked to explain reasons for economic ills of the last four years, Prime Minister Modi ji tends to blame everything on the 70 years of the Congress rules.  He forgets the role of the Green Revolution ushered in by the Congress Government and which transformed Indian agriculture phenomenally and made the country a net exporter of food grains," said Singh. 

"Today we are in Bengaluru, which has been labelled the Most Dynamic City of the world. That is a well-deserved title for this city which is the cradle of science, IT, and innovation. All over the country, youngsters graduate and head to Bengaluru as this is the startup capital of India," he said.

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"Bengaluru was also the inspiration for the UPA government’s farsighted focus on Urban Development. The ideas that led to the creation of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) came from social entrepreneurs from Bengaluru," said Singh. 

"Karnataka’s track record is in total contrast to the Indian record on job creation. The biggest casualty of the BJP government’s policies has been lack of jobs. PM Modi ji after having promised 2 crore jobs a year to the people of this country has presided over a period where jobs have actually been destroyed. In the age group of 15-24, over 72 lakh jobs were lost over the last four years," he said.

"Bengaluru provides us with examples of how a turnaround is possible. The entrepreneurial spirit of Bengaluru made the city a hub for information technology. In the last two years, Bengaluru has moved from 12th to first position and ranked as the most dynamic city in the world," he added.

"Let us remember that a country develops when there is sustainable growth, when people have jobs and meaningful careers, when they can fulfil their aspirations with renewed hope in a better future. Bengaluru and Karnataka have shown India the way," said former PM Manmohan Singh.