Know Samir Singh- The Marathon Runner Who Set His Mind To Run 10,000 Km In 100 Days!

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| August 5 , 2017 , 21:07 IST

A 44-year-old marathon runner, Samir Singh set his mind to a goal, a goal no one thought he could achieve, something everyone he knew told him not to attempt, all fruitless because his mind was already made up. He was going to do it: run 100 Km every day for 100 days in a row.

It was a summer morning, the sun wasn't even in the sky when Samir woke up and started his journey to achieve the goal he had set his mind to. In the summers of India, the temperature hardly goes down 30 degrees in the rampant darkness of night. It's unfathomable what havocs the sun sheds on these lands in the daytime.

It was one of those days, not a clue of cloud in the stretch of the limitless sky when Samir finally decided to start his unprecedented run. He left his home in the northern suburb of Mumbai at 5 AM in the morning for the southern side of the city.

It's his favourite place in the entire world, just like any runner, Marine Drive is the second home to anyone with a fad for running, a wide semi-circle road along the Arabian Sea. What's not to love, even if not the wide road, perfect for running or cycling, the sea view itself is enough to attract the attention of anyone who goes by.

Samir often runs back and forth along the road, adding distance in his run before he turns back home. When he gets back in the familiar lands of the north, he takes a short lunch break to enjoy the Indian delicacy of Indian lentils- 'Dal-Chawal' (rice and pulses).

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Carrying nothing more than a few rupees and a basic tracking phone as belonging Samir runs for the entirety of the day. He drinks coconut water, ubiquitously available throughout Mumbai and eats Idly and laddus before his final run at 4 PM to complete the 100 Km of the day.

Kunal Kasat, a fellow runner of Samir, who also took his training under him says, “If I know anyone who could do it, Samir could.”

While Samir does hope his running lands India on the map among runners, his more important motivation comes from personal, spiritual reasons.

Singh hopes his feat will put India on the map in the world of distance running, but more than that, he is running for personal, spiritual reasons. A devout Hindu, he is motivated by devotion to the god Krishna. “I am a heart and soul,” says Singh, “the body is just a vehicle," he says.

Singh tells the hardest part of the run to be in the month of May when the Sun was pouring lava on the streets. “I felt every day was the last day,” he said.

While he ran barefoot for the most part of his run, the burning concrete road gave him blisters, forcing him to throw on a pair of Vibrams. when one of his knees swell to twice its size, he put on a Nike on that feet, and now runs wearing two different shoes.

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A filmmaker and runner, Vandana Bhatti says, "He has mastered the art of dealing with his body.” She met him on the on the beach on his 47th day. Bhatti, along with her brother started documenting Singh’s run after the 60th day of his run. They started a Facebook page for him and campaigned a support for his recovery after the run.

Now, 98 days later, just two days away from reaching his goal, he is inching closer to accomplishing the impossible. All he has done for the last 98 days is wake up early, run, eat, sleep and wake up again to do it all over.

When asked why he is doing this and what he hopes to achieve from this running record, he says, “I’ll tell you when I am done.”


Best of luck...


Best of luck...