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Security Manager At Delhi Hotel Sexually Harasses Woman Employee, CCTV Footage Goes Viral

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| August 18 , 2017 , 16:12 IST

A security manager in one of the top hotels in Delhi's Aerocity area has been caught on camera, sexually harassing an employee, pulling her saree and allegedly trying to disrobe her.

The 33-year-old victim, who was allegedly sacked for complaining against the executive's behaviour shared the CCTV footage of the incident on Social Media, in which her senior sexually harasses her. The video went viral attracting mass criticism against the executive and hotel management.

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 There were three people in the video - the security manager, the victim and the her immediate senior. Sitting on his seat, the executive can be seen pulling an employee's saree, while the victim's immediate senior simply leaves the room. The executive aggressively dragging her around himself before letting her go.

See the Video:

The incident is of July 29, when the woman was in the executive's office when he took out his credit card and asked her what she wanted for her birthday (It was her birthday). The woman told the media, "He told me to sit down, when I didn't, he pulled me and tried to take off my saree."

He also told the other colleague to get out of the room, she added.

She reported the incident to the company's Human Resources Department the same day. After no action was taken against him, on her husband's advise, she filed an FIR in the closest Police Station on August 1.

She was later fired from the company when she reported on her shift a few days later. She said she was asked to report to the HR, where after waiting for over hald an hour, she was handed a termination notice.

The woman also told the media, that later, the executive tried to pull her into his car as she was leaving for home.

The hotel has also taken action against her immediate supervisor, who is seen leaving the room in the video.

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