Lady Gives Birth On A Jet Airways Plane, Baby Announced Free Lifetime Travel!

| June 19 , 2017 , 13:30 IST

Miracles do happen and when it happens high above in the skies with 162 people in witness, this calls for some notice.

Jet Airways 9W 569 was travelling from Dammam (Saudi Arabia) to Kochi (India) on Sunday morning while in mid-air a Kerala woman who was in the last stages of her pregnancy went into labour. The crew declared a medical emergency and turned the flight towards Mumbai.

While the plane was above the Arabian Sea at a height of 35000 feet, the mother needed urgent help and thus the crew members along with a nurse present on the flight assisted the lady and the baby was successfully born while still in the air.

Once the flight reached Mumbai, both the mother and fetus were immediately taken to the hospital and the doctors declared that both the patients were 'stable' now.

The plane then resumed its journey to Kochi and reached the destination with a delay of 90 minutes.

Now, being the first baby to be born on a Jet Airways flight, the company announced for a lifetime free travelling experience to the new-born as a lovely gesture.