Strange But True: Know All About This New 'State Bank of Tomatoes' In Lucknow

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 3 , 2017 , 16:26 IST

As an amazing idea amid the skyrocketing vegetable prices, the Congress Party in Lucknow has opened up a bank that will help the people protect their Tomatoes and even provide interest on their deposits, it's called 'Tomato Bank'.

While the peoples have launched a protest against the Central Government over the Tomato price hike, the Congress has started a one-of-its kind bank in Lucknow called 'State Bank of Tomatoes'.

The bank provides all the basic banking facility, the only difference is that everything is related to Tomatoes. Tomato Fixed Deposit, Tomato Locker as well as loans.

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The people have also crowded the bank amid fear of Tomato theft in their houses. The Bank attracts long queues every day with people waiting to deposit their tomatoes in the bank.

The bank also provides interest on the deposited tomatoes, according to the bank posters, they a customer will receive 5 kg tomatoes for 1 Kg deposit after six months.

The members of the national political party Congress, who also manage the bank said that the bank is attracting great attention and has been successful so far while another even said the party might have to open another branch considering the number of people.

The prices of vegetables are rising in the country, Tomato especially is skyrocketing, due to the heavy crop damage in various producing states. The prices of Tomato has gone as far as 100 to 120 Rs per kg in some parts of the country.