Kerala Mosque Plays Host For Waiting Parents Of More 1,200 Students Attempting NEET

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| May 7 , 2018 , 14:33 IST

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the most important entrance exam for students aspiring for a career in the field of medicine, and often parents accompany their children to the exam centres where the students attempt the exams.

In the scorching summer heat, parents of more than 1,200 students attempting the NEET 2018 on Sunday accompanied their children to the exam centres in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram. However, thanks to the Vadi Hira Trust, the parents did not have spend hours in the sweltering heat and were instead invited to spend the time in a nearby mosque.

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According to reports, last year on May 7 Secretary of Vadi Hira Trust Muhammad Navas and his friends, exiting from the Mosque after offering morning prayer, noticed that there was a huge crowd and many vehicles in front of the mosque, which is located opposite the Sivagiri School.

After speaking with the people crowded there, the people from the trust, which manages the Mosque, discovered that the waiting people were the parents of students attempting the NEET exam at the Sivagiri School. The families of the students were tired and searching for food and water.

Locals and people from the Vadi Hira trust sprang into action and invited all the waiting parents standing outside the exam centre into the trust office and the Mosque, and made arrangements for food and water.

Once again at the time of the NEET exam, which was conducted on Sunday, parents came with their wards attempting the medical entrance exam, but this time the Vadi Hira trust and locals were prepared in advance.

"Since we were aware of the examination, we had already made arrangements in nearby homes and shops," student activist Abdul Rahoof Ibn Rahim said to NDTV.

As a result, the parents of nearly 1,200 students attempting NEET 2018 had a comfortable and cool place to wait for their children to complete the competitive exam.