Karnataka By-Election 2018 Results: Congress-JDS Alliance Wins By 4-1, People Have Rejected BJP, Says Congress Minister

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| November 6 , 2018 , 15:06 IST

As counting of the votes for three Lok Sabha seats and two assembly constituencies in Karnataka ended on Tuesday, the Congress-Janta Dal (Secular) alliance emerge victorious by 4-1 in the Karnataka By-elections 2018.

The Congress-JD(S) alliance won two of three Lok Sabha seats and two assembly seats.

After the victory, HD Kumaraswamy JD(S) leader and Chief Minister of Karnataka said, “This election was the first step. There are 28 Lok Sabha seats, we'll work with Congress to win all of them, that is our goal. This is not an empty boast just because we have won today. This is the confidence of people in us. This win is not making us arrogant.”

“I congratulate Congress leaders in the state & at the Centre. I also congratulate JDS state leaders and workers who worked towards this win. BJP calls JDS-Congress coalition 'Apavitra Maitri', today that contention has been nullified,” he added.

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In the elections Congress' VS Ugruppa wins Bellary parliamentary seat with a margin of 2,43,161 votes, AS Nyamagouda wins Jamkhandi assembly seat by a margin of 39,480 votes and JD(S) LR Shivaramegowda wins Mandya parliamentary seat with a margin of 3,24,943 votes and JDS' Anitha Kumaraswamy wins Ramanagaram assembly seat with a margin of 1,09,137 votes

BJP's BY Raghavendra wins Shimoga parliamentary seat with a margin of 52,148 votes.

"People have rejected BJP. It is also a rejection of the Modi government.  Bypoll results will send a message to the entire country that the time for change has come," said Dinesh Gundu Rao, Indian National Congress.

"Definitely. In any democratic result, election process...people's mandate is very important. It's the direction to the people of this country," Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar said when asked 'will Karnataka By-election 2018 give a message to the whole nation before the 2019 election.

"I think as far as southern India is concerned, you can't make Ram Mandir and all those issues a political plank. People are looking at what they're going to get, what benefit they're going to get in the social and economic sector, admn&transparency," Shivakumar added.