Jinnah's Picture On A Bus Rear Provokes Public Backlash

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 15 , 2017 , 20:19 IST

A bus with Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s photo on the rear glass was spotted in Bengaluru. It quickly attracted a lot of attention on social media as soon as a picture of the bus was posted online.

The post was published on Facebook Thursday morning. The picture shows a green bus bearing the name “Democracy Travels”, with a photo of Mohammad Ali Jinnah on the rear glass.

The picture, however, triggered rage in several right-wing activists as people poured hate comments for the bus owner. Sooner than anyone realised, it gained the entire country’s attention.

Following the attention the post was getting, Hindu nationalists and right-wing activists took to Twitter and Facebook condemning the owner of the bus.

One resident even called for people to “lynch the owner inside the bus and burn it”.

The Nationalist, a right-wing Facebook group even posted, “If anyone wants to support our enemy country, they can just leave and settle out there. OR IS IT THE OPPOSITION PARTIES' DIRTY POLITICS JUST TO OUST MODIJI FROM POWER?? But these pictures hurt the hearts of millions of people living here.”

The former core committee member of NaMo Brigade, Neeraj Kamath was the first one to spot the bus. It was after the picture went viral when it was revealed that the bus was rented for shooting a Malayalam film Aabhaasam. The film was being shot in Bengaluru.

Kamath later tweeted that the owner of the bus had taken down the picture from the bus, fearing public backlash.