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Is This Why Nitish Kumar Suddenly Resigned?

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| July 27 , 2017 , 09:23 IST

Tensions had been brewing in the Grand Alliance of Bihar for some time, especially since corruption charges were leveled against Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, however, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's sudden resignation on Wednesday evening came as a shock to all, leading to questions on what was the last straw for Nitish?

According to JD(U) sources quoted by Times of India, while Nitish was unhappy with the conduct of RJD ministers who would take orders from Lalu Prasad, a 'reliable report' of Lalu offering a deal to the BJP became the turning point.

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JD(U) sources revealed that emissaries of Lalu had approached Union ministers offering to pull the rug from under Nitish's feet in exchange of the Centre's help in the legal issues plaguing Lalu. The news of Lalu's offer reached central leaders from where the details of the conspiracy reached Nitish. He conducted his own verification of the news, and after the tip-off was confirmed to be credible, the trouble in the Grand Alliance reached a point of no return.  

Barred from contesting elections after conviction in a corruption case, Lalu had seemingly had a victory when the Jharkhand High Court endorsed his claims that as he was already convicted in the fodder scam case he could not be tried separately for cases that were a part of the fodder scam. However, the CBI challenged the verdict in the Supreme Court, which struck down the Jharkhand HC ruling and announced that Lalu would be required to face trial in each of the cases registered against him in connection with the fodder scam.

Acting rapidly after resigning, Nitish has secured the support of BJP and its allies and is set to be sworn-in as the Bihar Chief Minister, along with Sushil Modi as the Deputy CM.

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