India's Daughters Are No Less, Hails PM Modi In Mann Ki Baat

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| May 27 , 2018 , 12:44 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday continued with his tradition of addressing the nation via radio telecast on the last Sunday of each month with the 44th edition of 'Mann Ki Baat'. During the radio address, PM Modi hailed the women of India for circumnavigating the Earth and for scaling Mount Everest.

"I am sure you distinctly remember that for the last many months, a naval team comprising six women Commanders was on a voyage," PM Modi began.

"I congratulate these daughters and their spirit of adventure for bringing laurels to the country, for raising the glory of the Navy and significantly so, for conveying to the world that India’s daughters are no less," said PM Modi.

"For centuries, Everest has been throwing the gauntlet at humankind. And for long, brave hearts have been responding to the challenge. On the 16th of May, a team comprising five tribal students of Ashram School in Chandrapur, Maharashtra- Maneesha Dhurve, Pramesh Ale, Umakant Madhavi, Kavidas Katmode and Vikas Soyam- scaled the world’s highest peak," he said.

"These young boys and girls had been selected under ‘Mission Shaurya’. True to its name, they brought glory to the country with their brave deed of conquering the Everest," the PM added.

"16-year-old Shivangi Pathak became the youngest Indian woman to scale Everest from the Nepal side. Heartiest congratulations! Beti Shivangi," said PM Modi.

"Ajit Bajaj and his daughter became the first ever father-daughter duo to ascend Everest. And it’s not that only the young are climbing Everest. Sangeeta Bhal, aged more than 50, scaled the Everest," he added.

"Under the ‘CleanGanga Campaign’, a group from the BSF Scaled the Everest and while returning, removed loads of trash littered there and brought it down. This deed is commendable indeed; it also displays their commitment towards cleanliness and the environment," said PM Modi.

"When I say ‘FitIndia’, I believe that the more we play, the more we will inspire the country to come out and play. People are sharing videos of Fitness Challenge on SocialMedia; Everybody is now getting connected with this FitIndia Campaign," said the PM.

"People from the film fraternity, Sports, common citizens, members of armed forces, school teachers or even those toiling in fields and farms, their rising notes are building up crescendo ‘HumFitTohIndiaFit'," he said.

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"For me, it’s heart warming that captain of Indian Cricket team Virat Kohli ji has included me in his challenge and I too have accepted his challenge. I believe this is gainful and this kind of a challenge will inspire us to be fit along with others, as well," PM Modi said.

"Games are not just games; they teach us values in life, such as, setting targets, building up determination, developing team spirit and fostering mutual co-operation. Many games also make us aware about our society, environment and other spheres," he said.

"It is a matter of concern, whether these sports and games will fade away to the point of extinction. It will not just be loss of game; it will be the loss of spirit of childhood," said PM Modi.

"On 5th of June, our nation will officially host World Environment Day Celebrations. Let us all visit the World Environment Day website ‘wed-india 2018’ and try to imbibe and inculcate the many interesting suggestions given there into our everyday life," he said.

"We have to live in harmony and in synchronicity with nature, we have to stay in touch with nature. MahatmaGandhi had advocated this wisdom at every step of his life. On this environment day, let all of us give it a good thought as to what can we do to make our planet cleaner and greener?" PM Modi said.

"The news being received these days is that there are preparations afoot in the whole world to celebrate 21st June as International Yoga Day," he said.

"Yoga for unity and a harmonious society conveys a message that has permeated the world over," he added.

"The practice of yoga leads to building up of courage, which always protects us like a father. I appeal to all the citizens to adopt their legacy of yoga and create healthy, happy and harmonious nation," said PM Modi.

"Today is 27th of May, the death anniversary of first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji. I render my pranam to Pandit ji. Memories of this month are also linked with Veer Savarkar," he said.

"It was Veer Savarkar who boldly expostulated by writing that whatever happened in 1857 was not a revolt but was indeed the First War of Independence. Savarkar marched along with both poetry and revolution. Besides being a sensitive poet, he was also a courageous revolutionary," said PM Modi.

"I hope and believe that everyone will celebrate Eid with gaiety and fervor. I hope that the festival of Eid will further strengthen the bonds of harmony in our society. Heartiest felicitations to all of you," PM Modi concluded in his address.