Indian Army Shots Down A Pakistani Drone In Rajasthan's Sri Ganganagar

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| March 9 , 2019 , 17:31 IST

The Indian Army on Saturday shot down a Pakistani military drone in Sri Ganganagar sector of the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan, ANI reported. It was the third unsuccessful attempt by Pakistan to send a spy drone inside India since the February 26 airstrike.

The downing of the drone came in the midst of heightened tension between India and Pakistan after the Indian Air Force (IAF) struck a terrorist training camp in Balakot and subsequent retaliation by Islamabad.

Earlier in the day, a similar drone tried to enter Indian territory at 5 am at Hindumalkot border near Sriganganagar, but the drone had to take u-turn as it was sighted by troopers who started firing.

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On March 4, a fighter jet of the Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistani drone in Bikaner sector of the Indo-Pak border using an air-to-air missile. The Pakistani drone was shot down by a Sukhoi-30 aircraft.

Another Pakistani drone was shot down by India on February 27 along Indo-Pak border in Kutch in Gujarat.

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According to news reports , Pakistani drone attempted to cross Rajasthan border on 9 March 2019. It returned safely when BSF fired upon. Later in the same day on 9 March another military drone is reported to have crossed the border line near Sriganganagar , Rajasthan when the Indian army shot it down. Similar incident of intrusion by a Pakistani drone was reported in the news at Rajasthan border earlier a few days past in March 2019. Obviously , these are worrisome concerns for India. Rajasthan was also in news when IAF MIG -21 crashed there on 6 March 2019 . In this context , it is apt to mention this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alert in - “ The Year 2019 Astrologically for India” - published last year on 7 October , 2018 at The alert had emphasized need of more care and appropriate strategy in Rajasthan also covering more than one aspects of life. One of worrisome aspects during February -March 2019 in , among other States , Rajasthan also had this textual description : - “ February -March 2019. These nearly two months appear to be calling for more care and appropriate strategy in relation to more than one front. Be on guard against war or war like postures of China and Pakistan. …………..Human malice may be at its height in operation. ………………………………..Take appropriate precautions. States in the northern India like ………..Rajasthan could take cues for more care and appropriate strategy in the aforesaid areas of life”. Later and separately , the worrisome period was brought more closer and precise by saying that 14 February , 22 February , 3 March and 11- 12 March or a day prior and after to all these dates called for more care and appropriate strategy. It seems the alerts were meaningfully precise.