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Big Breakthrough In Doklam Standoff: India, China Agree To Disengage Troops

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| August 28 , 2017 , 12:22 IST

Around two months after the standoff at the Doklam plateau on the Sikkim border between Indian troops and Chinese troops began, a diplomatic agreement has been reached and both forces will be disengaging from the site of conflict.

The Ministry of External Affairs revealed that in recent weeks India and China had maintained diplomatic communication regarding the standoff at Doklam and after both nations expressed their concerns and interests a solution has been reached. 

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Based on the diplomatic agreement 'expeditious disengagement' of border personnel has been agreed to and is underway said the MEA.

In mid-June, when India protested on the road construction efforts of China in the controversial tri-junction area between India, Bhutan and China at the Doklam plateau, China alleged that Indian troops had trespassed into their land and called for immediate removal of the forces. India maintained that it was on the land of ally Bhutan and thus began the standoff between the two nations. 

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As both nations refused to withdraw their forces, matters became more heated up and veiled threats were issued by Chinese media with alarming frequency and India prepared to bolster its forces at the border.

The disengagement decision announced on Monday comes as a welcome respite from the risk of a full-scale military intervention.

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