If Congress And JD(S) Had Not Held Their MLA’s Hostage, We Would Have Formed Govt : Amit Shah

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| May 21 , 2018 , 17:54 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah on Monday said that if the mandate in Karnataka was against the Congress party and justified the reason for staking the claim for the Government.

Questioning the jubilation in Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) camps, Shah said, “BJP is the single largest party in Karnataka. Our vote share saw a major increase. The mandate was clearly anti-Congress. What is the Congress celebrating? More than half of their ministers lost the elections. The Chief Minister lost from one seat. Similarly, why is JD (S) celebrating? For getting just 37 seats?”

“Congress & JD (S) formed an alliance against the people's mandate. This is what I call an unholy alliance.” He further added.

Shah insisted that since people of Karnataka had voted against the Congress government in the state and if Congress and JD (S) had not held their MLAs hostage, they would have supported the BJP following the mandate of the people. Shah said that if the MLAs were not held hostage, they would have gone to their constituents and understood the true mandate of the people.

When questioned on Horse Trading Shah said, “Had we indulged in Horse tradition, would you have seen this result? It is ironic that we are being accused of Horse trading when the Congress party has sold the entire stable.”

Shah asked journalists to question Rahul Gandhi why Congress MLAs were being holed up in hotels.

He refuted the Congress claim that the Governor gave them 15 days while Yeddyurappa had requested for 7 days.

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“Congress has falsely claimed that Yeddyurappa ji asked for 7 days from the Governor to prove majority. If it was the case, they should have asked for the letter for him.”