‘Hindi, Hindu, Hindutva' Ideology Is Dividing Our Country’, Says Shashi Tharoor

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| January 31 , 2019 , 19:35 IST

A 27-year-old Ph.D. student alleged that an immigration officer at the Mumbai International Airport refused to clear him because he could not speak Hindi. Reacting on this incident Congress leader Shashi Tharoor took to his twitter account and said this “Hindi, Hindu, Hindutva” ideology is dividing our country. We need unity, not uniformity.”

Abraham Samuel, a student at a university in the United States, took to Twitter on Tuesday to report the incident. In a series of tweets, he claimed he was “denied immigration” by an officer in counter 33 at the Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport “for knowing only Tamil and English and not Hindi”.

The Thiruvananthapuram MP's statement sparked a debate on Twitter with people asking Tharoor to desist from making such controversial remarks. Some suggested Tharoor was "in a race to outdo" Congress leader Mani Shankar Iyer to provide the BJP opportunities to target the grand old party ahead of polls.

Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister Sidharth Nath Singh reacted on Shashi Tharoor’s tweet and advised the Congress to take a holy dip in Kumbh as it might help them to repent them from their sins.

"How will he understand the importance of Kumbh? The atmosphere he is in the culture he has been brought up in, he doesn't understand this. You people have committed a lot of misdeeds, take a holy dip in Kumbh and you might be able to repent for your sins." Singh said referring to the tweet shared by Tharoor.