Has The Blue Whale Game Taken Its First Indian Life?

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 1
| August 1 , 2017 , 11:42 IST

A 14-year-old student in Mumbai who committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of the Andheri building where he lived is suspected of being the first Indian fatality of the online game called 'The Blue Whale'.

The deadly game involves the player being issued 50 dares that take place over a period of 50 days with the final dare being to commit suicide. The player carries out the 50 dares which are posted online daily, and posts selfies on a private group before he completes the final challenge. The game gets its name 'Blue Whale' as Blue Whales are known for committing suicide.

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According to police sources, they learned about the suicide pact from the victim Manpreeet Singh Sahani's friends' WhatsApp group. Sahani had told his Class IX classmates that he would not be attending school from Monday. The Meghwadi police are further investigating messages circulating on social media that Sahani was playing the Blue Whale game.

While the police did not find any representation of a whale on the skin of Sahani, a common sign of players of the Blue Whale game, cyber police are scanning his gadgets.

Assistant commissioner of police (Meghwadi division) Milind Khetle said to media that they did not find any self-inflicted mark on him.

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"The reason is yet to be known. We are probing all angles, including the suicide game theory. We are taking the help of experts. Depending on the findings we will decide if the suicide case should be converted into an FIR," said Khetle.

"His parent's don't know the reason. We are recording the statements of his friends too as he had told some of them that he would not be attending school from Monday," said Deputy commissioner of police (zone X) Navinchandra Reddy.

Psychiatrist Harish Shetty was quoted as saying "To understand the issue, the state should not only do a physical autopsy but also a psychological autopsy," he added.