Haryana: Power Thefts Worth Rs. 134 Crore Detected In 3 Months

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| August 3 , 2017 , 08:34 IST

Power utility companies in Haryana have detected electricity thefts worth nearly Rs. 134 crore in the state in the past three months, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

"Cracking down on illegal consumption of electricity, Haryana Power Utilities has found 16,214 cases of electricity theft and imposed a penalty of Rs. 58.48 crore on erring consumers in the month of July," the spokesman said.

"Over Rs. 21.10 crore has already been recovered. Electricity theft of Rs. 40 crore and Rs. 35 crore was found in the state in the months of June and May respectively," the spokesman said, adding that raids were being conducted across the state.

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The spokesman said that a large number cases of electricity theft in RO water plants, poultry farms, hotels, restaurants and small industries have come to light.

"Action is being taken by the department against the offenders under the Electricity Act. Those who did not deposit fine have been arrested after lodging FIRs. In case of government employees involved in power theft, their departments were being informed to take departmental action," the spokesman said.

The power sector utilities recently launched a campaign in Haryana, notorious for people not paying power bills and indulging in power theft, and detected thousands of such cases in recent months.