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Harassed Woman On Mumbai Train Calls Helpline, Gets Laughed At

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| July 9 , 2017 , 18:05 IST

Crimes against women and harassment of women have become a shocking reality of day-to-day life in India. Authorities make efforts to prevent such incidences, conduct self-defence classes, increase police presence and launch help lines. However, how can anything change before the attitude of people changes?

A 22-year-old woman was traveling on her way to work on the Mumbai local train when a man entered the compartment and hurled insults at another woman and then at her. Ignoring the man, she was shocked at what happened next. The man slipped his hands inside his pants and drew out his genitals and began masturbating, all the while grinning at her.

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The woman composed herself and called a helpline to report the offensive behaviour.

To her horror, the officials on the helpline only laughed at her as they found the situation 'funny'! The woman gave the helpline officials all the details, including the compartment she was in and the next station that was to arrive, but found that the police helpline cut her call.

The man waited till the next station and casually walked towards the next compartment, leaving women in the previous compartment yelling after him.

The woman described her ordeal in a Facebook post:

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