All That You Need To Know About Opposition's VP Candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi!

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 1
| July 11 , 2017 , 13:53 IST

The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and a very distinguished diplomat in his own career, GopalKrishna Gandhi has often taken strong stands on social issues and spoken his mind.

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Chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate by the opposition, here are things you must know about the man's professional career and what makes him ideal for the post.

1. A serving governor rarely criticises a ruling government in the state. But, being the governor of Bengal, Gopalkrishna Gandhi never hesitated in giving his views on the Left Government which had a solid hold in the state for 30 years. He talked about how the 'violence' in the state filled him with 'cold horror'.

2. Gopalkrishna Gandhi's solid stand on Nandigram in 2007, 'I cannot be so casual to the oath I have taken as to restrict reaction to a pious expression of anguish and outrage' achieved him a lot of respect from wide across the nation.  

3. Gopalkrishna Gandhi has said to have travelled a lot in Bengal and quietly did a lot of work for Gujarat's Earthquake Relief.

4. He has, time and again, spoken a lot about contentious issues like the transparency and ethics in politics. In 2014 he had called the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) the "government's hatchet, rather than honesty's ally".

5. The 71-year-old man has served at a lot of prestigious positions. He has been the High Commissioner of India to South Africa and Lesotho and then to Sri Lanka. He has also been the Ambassador of India to Norway and Iceland — before he became the governor of West Bengal.

There were reports about Gopalkrishna Gandhi being the opposition's choice for the presidential candidate but after Modi Government played the Dalit card with Ramnath Kovind, they had to make Meira Kumar stand in opposition. 

Gopalkrishna Gandhi's liberal views might be good for the country but simultaneously may also stand as the biggest setback for him considering the present environment of the country.