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Dujana Congratulated Security Forces For Catching Him, Minutes Before His Death

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| August 3 , 2017 , 19:12 IST

An audio of the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist, killed in the Tuesday struggle with the security forces, Abu Dujana has surfaced talking to, who is believed to be one of the officers, congratulating him.

"Sometimes I am ahead of you, other times you are of me. Congratulations, you have caught me today (Kabhi hum aage aap peechhe, kabhi aap aage hum peechhe, aaj aapne pakad liya, mubarak ho aapko)", says Dujana in a nine-minute audio of his last phone conversation with one of the security forces.

Dujana also refused to surrender despite being completely surrounded by the security forces.

According to sources, the officer asked a took over the phone call after asking a local to dial Dujana.

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Dujana said, "How are you?" unaware of the circumstances.

The officer said: "Forget about how I am...Why aren't you surrendering?...You know how bad is it? Everything is a game? Think about your parents."

Dujana replied, "My parents died for me the day I left."

The replied, "But you are not dead to them. I will help you if you surrender now."

He added, "Unless you come out and explain to people, there will be blood-letting. Who will persuade these people? Unless you speak up, Kashmiris will keep getting killed..."

"I am not the one who started the bloodshed...I know the everything," Dujana said.

The officer made a last attempt to persuade Dujana, "This is not Jihad' he said.

Frustrated by the unmoving conversation, Dujana ended the line saying, "Achha theek hai yaar alright."

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Dujana is a Pakistan born who was visiting one of his many women friends when the security forces surrounded the Kashmir village he was in after being tipped by the local police. As a result of the intense gun fight between the two sides, the security forces blew the house killing Dujana.

Abu Dujana was a well-known terrorist operating in the Kashmir valley. He had carried out major attacks and was a major Lashkar-e-Toiba recruiter. The security forces in the valley say that Dujana had a weakness when it comes to women.

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