Doklam-Like Incidences Likely To Increase In Future, Says Army Chief Bipin Rawat

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 27 , 2017 , 09:10 IST

As the standoff at the Doklam plateau between Indian and Chinese troops near the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction border continues, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that even if the Doklam standoff gets resolved, such instances are likely to increase in the future as a result of Beijing's attempt to change the 'status quo'.

"During flag meetings with China, we tell them that we (India and China) should go back to the pre-June 16 position at Doklam plateau. But we haven't been able to come up with a resolution as there are different perceptions about how it should be done. Hence, it should be dealt with at diplomatic and political levels," said General Rawat.

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"Let's say this stand-off gets resolved, but our troops on the border should not feel that it cannot happen again. Such instances are likely to increase in future... My message to the troops is to not let down the guard," he said.

Regarding the recent interaction of troops of India and China in the Ladakh region, General Rawat said that both countries had a joint mechanism to resolve such issues amicably.

"The LAC has not yet been settled between the two countries, and hence each country has a different perception about it. So, at times, you have a clash as each one tries to patrol the area up to its limits. But these things are normal. Our aim is not to escalate things and get back to normalcy. We are living on the border peacefully," he said to media.