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Do Not Give Into Temptation Of Staying At 5-Star Hotels: PM Modi To Ministers

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| August 20 , 2017 , 11:12 IST

In an attempt to maintain the scam-free and corruption-free image of the NDA government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to refrain from giving into the 'temptation' of staying at 5-star hotels and from using benefits from Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) under their respective ministries for personal use.

According to reports, PM Modi was unhappy with the recent tendency of certain ministers preferring to stay in 5-star hotels instead of government provided accommodation. He has made it clear to the ministers that while on official duty, the ministers should stick to government accommodation and not give into the 'temptation' of staying in 5-star hotels.

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PM Modi was also unhappy with reports that some of the ministers were using vehicles from PSUs under their ministries for personal use and for use by their respective families. As the PM expressed his concern of ministers misusing the perks of office, several ministers have taken his words into action and instructed their staff to ensure that no vehicles from PSUs are used for personal use.  

In addition, PM Modi made it clear that there will be no compromise with his 'zero-tolerance to corruption' stance.

Generally, politicians in India have been infamous for their misuse of government facilities, traveling in VIP cars, staying at top resorts and making foreign 'study' trips. The Modi-government has attempted to reign in the VIP culture, from removing red beacons on top of cars to issuing diktats when required.  

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Very nice instructions to ministers. Ministers should set examples for others to follow.words and deeds should go hand in hand.

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