'Dharmadesh': 2 Day Meeting Of 3000 Saints Begin In Delhi Likely To Take Decision On Ram Mandir

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| November 3 , 2018 , 13:06 IST

In order to discuss the future programmes with regard to the building of Ram Temple in Ayodhya,3000 saints began their 2-day long meeting in national capital’s Talkatora stadium on Saturday.

The Supreme Court had decided to postpone the issue of fixing a bench to hear the title suits in the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case till January. This resulted in a demand from the Sangh Parivar that an ordinance for the construction of a Ram Temple should be brought in by the Union government.

According to the reports, Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti General secretary Swami Jitendra Saraswati said, “The Supreme Court upset the saints after this no one can predict what decision they take, but one is for sure, some big decision will for sure be taken.”

He further added, “Saints from all 125 communities of Hindu religion are taking part in this meeting. This is the first time all the 125 communities of Hindu religion are meeting together after the 1990 movement."

"All saints who are affiliated with VHP have already declared that they would protest at the parliament over the Ram Mandir issue. RSS General Secretary has already cleared that court has hurt the sentiments of crores if Hindus; This will give strength to the saints who are initiating a new movement in the favour of Ram Mandir.”

RSS thinker and General Secretary Bhaiyaji Joshi said that the meeting will take place in three sessions.

Speaking on the meeting Bhaiyaji said, “The meeting of the saints has been named as Dharmadesh, which means obeying the religion.”

He further added, “The two-day long meeting will have three sessions. The first session will be of paying homage, where the karsevaks who died due to gunshots during ram mandir protest in Ayodhya will be remembered. Besides this, the cow vigilantes who died in front of the parliament in 1996 will also be paid tribute.”