Delhi Youth Murdered By 3 Men At Crowded Railway Station

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 29 , 2017 , 18:44 IST

A 20-year old named Rahul lost his life to a brutal beating at Adarsh Nagar Railway station in North Delhi as at least 50 passengers and vendors looked on. A head constable deployed there had been alerted by one vigilant passenger who further chased and nabbed the three accused after the incident.

The killers claimed during the police investigation that Rahul had snatched Rupees 20,000 from one of the murderers who with his two other friends chased the victim and killed him with several blows to his head, chest and private parts.

It is however, not clear yet as to which body part was hit so badly that it gave way to his death. The police are awaiting the autopsy report before investigating the case further as no money has been found with Rahul after the murder.

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The victim was a resident of Jahangirpuri and worked in Azadpur as a loader at the wholesale vegetable market. As the killers claim, he was in sudden need for money and when he met one of the killers who also happened to be his friend and a truck driver and saw that the latter was carrying 20,000 rupees, he asked if he could borrow the same. When refused, “he snatched the money and ran” and was chased by the trucker and his friends who work as loaders too. A hundred metres later, as Rahul scaled the wall of a busy platform at the station; he was caught and beaten to death by the men chasing him who have now been identified as Ravi, Lalit and Rajender.