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Delhi Train Becomes First In The Nation To Be Fitted With Solar Panels

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| July 20 , 2017 , 15:16 IST

As the world turns to other means of power generation that are renewable, cost-efficient and safe for the environment, India is not far behind.

The Indian railways has for the first time introduced solar panels on to the roof of a Delhi train, which will power the lighting, fans and information displays inside the train, which were earlier powered by diesel. Batteries fitted in the train will also be charged by the solar panels so that they can take over when sunlight dissipates.

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According to reports, each individual train using solar panels could save 21,000 litres of diesel every year, helping India reduce its reliance on fossil fuels as well as reduce its carbon footprint.

The solar panel fitted train has begun journeys around New Delhi.

"We will be inducting at least four other solar-powered trains in the next six months," said Railways spokesperson Anil Kumar Saxena.

India's vast colonial-era rail network is one of the largest in the world and still the main means of long-distance travel in the country. Regular attempts are made to upgrade railway facilities, as the Indian Railways functions as a lifeline for many in the country.

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