Delhi Building Infrastructure For EVs Will Get Fast- Charging Stations Soon

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| March 2 , 2019 , 19:27 IST

The Indian government has a new agenda on the block, with smart cities the government is
aiming to build better infrastructure in the cities. The list goes on to offer better roads, round the
clock water supply and electricity. One of the components of this plan is the availability of
Electric Vehicle Charging stations throughout the city.

With the immense pressure on non-renewable resources (fossil fuel), we need to find an
alternate resource for powering our transportation system. Electric Vehicles present themselves
as a viable choice. As electric cars become mainstream, our requirement for petrol and diesel
will come down. As a result, petrol pumps will give way to electric charging stations.

Delhi is one of the upcoming smart cities in India. It is one of the topmost polluted city in the
world. To curb air pollution and promote the use of EVs, the administration is planning to install
the EV charging stations in the city.

Delhi’s air quality is very poor and when pollution is at its peak you need an N95 grade mask to save your lungs from the pollution. Most of that pollution is produced from the dense traffic of this busy city. Hours of traffic jams are very common here.

Initial target locations to install the EV charging stations are some of the busiest areas of the
city. The consumer will be charged ₹30 ($0.42) for 15-minute charging time. The extremely low
price for charging will encourage more people to consider electric cars. While speaking to a
news agency, Saurabh Kumar (managing director of Energy Efficiency Services) said that
government will be setting up the EV Charging Stations at various locations including the
parking spaces and High-Visibility Areas. A large number of EV Charging Stations are to be
installed to battle the Range Anxiety issues with the people.

EESL has disclosed their plans to set up EV charging stations by the end of next month at the
Khan Market, Yashwant Palace and few other renowned places around the New Delhi Municipal
Council (NDMC) area. A smartphone App, ElectriFi, will be launched that will let the users book
a time slot in the advance at any of these available stations. Initial charging stations will be
equipped with Bharat DC-001 charging standard which is compatible with Tata Motors and
Mahindra & Mahindra. Interconnection facility will be available to accommodate European CCS
and Japan’s CHAdeMO standard at each station. The current crop of EV in India includes Tata
Tigor EV, Mahindra e2o and upcoming wagon R EV. Kia is also planning to bring an all-new EV
by 2019.

As of now, only 15-KW chargers will be available at the stations and later this year, the stations
would be equipped with chargers to support international carmakers. The current charger will be
compatible with two- and three-wheelers on the road. Although the first EV tender by the EESL
was a failure, with the absence of proper EV Charging Infrastructure. This time around, EESL
seems to have come prepared and won’t go down easily. The Indian Power Ministry in
December, last year, mandated charging stations to be equipped with all three EC charging