Delhi Anti-Power Theft Drive Ends In Tragedy, As Engineer Chased By Mob Dies

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| July 18 , 2017 , 15:34 IST

An anti-power theft drive by BSES in the Jhul Jhuli village of West Delhi ended in tragedy as mobs attacked the BSES teams resulting in the death of a young engineer and serious injuries to four other officials. The BSES officials were harmed despite having an escort from Delhi Police.

"First, the teams were viciously attacked up by a mob in Jhul Jhuli village (in west Delhi), causing them to retreat. As they were retreating, the teams were chased by bike-borne goons. In the ensuing melee, one of the cars met with an accident and rammed into a tree, wherein five occupants were injured," a BSES statement said.

"One of them, a young engineer, succumbed to his injuries subsequently," it said.

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On Monday, 3 inspection teams of BSES had gone to check reports of large-scale power theft in the village Jhul Jhuli which was identified as a high power theft prone area in Jaffarpur West Delhi and were accompanied by Delhi Police personnel.

However, "so brazen was the attack that, once again, the presence of Delhi Police personnel accompanying the BSES teams did not deter the mob", the statement added.

According to BSES, in the last 5 years, around 14,000 cases of power theft, having a connected load of around 33,000 KW, have been discovered in the Jaffarpur area, while in the last two years, around 450 cases of power theft having a connected load of around 1,200 KW have been unearthed in the Mundka area.

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"BSES discoms have successfully brought down AT & C (Aggregate Technical and Commercial) losses from more than 55 per cent in 2002 (at the time of privatization) to the current level of around 12 per cent - a reduction around 45 per cent," the statement added.

Special courts in Delhi for power theft had meted out punishment to two offenders in May, with one being sentenced to jail and receiving a fine of Rs 4 lakh. Earlier in the year, 3 other offenders also received jail terms and cumulative fines of over Rs 55 lakh. Last year as well, the special courts awarded sentences to four others, sending them to rigorous imprisonment and imposing heavy fines.