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Delhi Accident Victim Lies On Road Calling For Help For 12 Hours, Gets Robbed Instead

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| August 18 , 2017 , 14:01 IST

The frequency of accidents taking place in the national capital Delhi has been growing at a steady rate, especially as vehicles become faster and people become impatient. A common scenario is a crowd of people assembling around an accident site, watching the victim without helping, however sooner or later someone calls for help.

For Narendra Kumar, the later came much later, as after he was injured in an accident near the Kashmere Gate bus terminal in North Delhi he was left lying injured on the roadside for more than 12 hours with nobody calling for help. In fact, far from helping the man, thieves robbed him as he lay helpless, injured on the ground. The thieves stole a bag of his clothes, his mobile phone and even the Rs 12 in cash he had in his pocket.

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The 35-year-old Kumar works as a driver in his native Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh and was returning home from Jaipur on Tuesday evening when he was crossing a road near the Kashmere Gate bus terminal and was hit by a speeding car around 5 PM. Unable to move due to his injuries he laid there on the roadside the entire night, helpless until a passerby informed the police the next morning and he was taken to the hospital.

Kumar survived, sustaining injuries to his neck, legs, and spinal cord.

“I was flung on the footpath because of the hit by the car. Unable to move because of the injuries, I lay on the roadside through the night,” Kumar said.

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Although people approached him while he was lying injured, nobody cared to help.

“Instead, people stole his mobile phone and bag which were lying on the roadside. Someone even stole Rs 12 cash from his pocket,” alleged Kumar’s brother, Rajkumar.

Police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving and of causing hurt and are considering adding sections pertaining to theft as well. The car who hit Kumar has not identified nor have the thieves who stole from him.

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